Goliad Paddling Trail

The Goliad Paddling Trail will eventually cover 58 miles of the San Antonio River through Goliad County. The first section of the trail to open runs from the Highway 59 bridge west of Goliad to Goliad State Park.

There is an alternate put in/take out spot at Ferry St. The Ferry St site still bears evidence of the old ferry that once connected northern and southern Goliad County. Wooden posts can be seen rising from the river where once the ferry made its way from bank to bank.

The distance from the 59 bridge to Ferry St is about 5 miles and usually takes about three hours. From Ferry St to Goliad State Park is about a mile and a half and takes about an hour.

The river is fairly gentle with quiet pools and several small riffles and is appropriate for paddlers of all skill levels. The San Antonio River offers a lush riparian ecology that teams with rare and migratory birds, wildlife, and abundant trophy fish.

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