LaSalle Monument
Monument erected in 1938

Granite monument dedicated to the French explorer La Salle. Located on the western shore of Matagorda Bay between Indian Point and Indianola. It contains the following inscriptions.

Born in Rouen, France, November 22, 1643. Came to Canada in 1666. Founded a first settlement near Montreal. Led several expeditions on the great lakes and the Ohio and Illinois Rivers. Completed the exploration of the Mississippi 1682. on July 24, 1684, La Salle sailed from France to establish a colony at the mouth of the Mississippi. Landed at Matagorda Bay February 15, 1685. There established Fort St. Louis while on his way to Canada. He was murdered near the Trinity River March 19, 1687.

A gentleman but not a courtier, a proud independent yet timid nature. An explorer of bold vision and untiring energy.

La Salle's colony on Matagorda Bay gave the United States its first claim to Texas as a part of the Louisiana Purchase

America owes him an enduring memory for in this masculine moures she sees the pioneer, who guided her to the possession of her richest heritage.

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