Los Corrallos in Baffin Bay
GPS Coordinates N 2714.503' W 9730.066'

Los Corrallos is also known as The Corral. It is good for trout and redfish year-round and is very good in the spring.

A history of fishing reports for Los Corrales. Maybe you can find a seasonal pattern or a bait or technique that has worked in the past.

Feb-23-05 Trout are fair to good for waders around Los Corrales and the Tide Gauge on Corkies and SkitterWalks.
Oct-06-04 Trout are fair to good at Los Corrales on topwaters and live shrimp.
Mar-24-04 Trout are fair to good at Los Corrales and the Badlands on live shrimp under a popping cork and Corkies.
Feb-25-04 Redfish are good around the rocks at Los Corrales.

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