Marcelina Community
Texas Historical Marker

Located on the Old San Antonio-Indianola Road, this rural settlement, named for nearby Marcelinas Creek, began in late 1873, when Wiley R. Franklin (1837-93) bought land in the area (1. 5 miles S) and built a small horse-powered cotton gin. In 1874, a Baptist congregation was organized, holding services in the home of Gabriel Moffit; a one-teacher school opened in 1875; and the cemetery was begun in 1882 with the death of Martin Donaho. William Y. Elkins established a mercantile store in 1886, and was named postmaster when the post office opened on Feb. 1, 1887. By the mid-1890s, Marcelina had 2 stores, 2 cotton gins, a blacksmith and wheelwright shop, gristmill, large school and church buildings, and several homes.

From the beginning, the local economic base had been agriculture, primarily cotton production, but in 1901, the crops became infested with boll weevils and the prosperous community began to decline. Improvements in transportation diverted trade to Floresville (5. 5 miles W), and the advent of rural mail delivery caused the post office to close on Oct. 1, 1906.

All that remains of the Marcelina Community are the cemetery and the Baptist Church. The present sanctuary was erected in 1935.

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