Bentsen- Rio Grande Valley SP/The World Birding Center Headquarters
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Season: All Seasons

World Birding Center site. Fee charged. This world-class interpretive complex is only part of the whole World Birding Center vision which includes a network of sites extending from Roma to South Padre Island. The headquarters at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley SP acts as an anchor to the WBC complex and provides information about what is being seen in the Valley, how to reach additional birding sites, and facilitates the visits of those traveling to the Valley for the first time. A number of species new to the U. S. have first been recorded in this park (Collared Forest-Falcon, Crane Hawk, Masked Tityra, Stygian Owl). Virtually all of the Valley specialties may be found within the Park, including Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet, Altamira Oriole, and Hook-billed Kite. In winter, Mexican species such as Blue Bunting and Clay-colored Robin are seen around feeders. In late spring and summer Elf Owl breeds in these woods (check with the staff for the location of a nesting hole that may be visible to the public).

2800 S. Bentsen Palm Drive
Mission, Texas 78572
956-584-9156 Ext. 221
george. cortez@tpwd. state. tx. us

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