Berclair Mansion
Texas Legend

The Berclair Mansion was built in 1936 by a 75 year old widow named Etta Wilkinson Terrell. Miss Etta had a previous home destroyed by fire so she decided to build a 22 room, 10,000 sq ft fireproof house. It is made almost entirely of steel, concrete and brick. In 1936 it was the largest steel structure single family home in the United States. Miss Etta invited her four sisters to live with her and after the last one died in 1968, the mansion sat vacant for many years but with all of its furnishings and contents intact.

It is said that the mansion is haunted and during the years it was unoccupied, people would report seeing an old woman waving from one of the upstairs windows. Even before the sisters died there were many tales of unusual events. Locals working in the mansion reported hearing footsteps, talking in empty rooms, doors slamming for no reason and unexplainable chills.

Tours are conducted on the last Sunday of each month from 2 to 4 pm.

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