Rockport Demo Bird Garden & Wetlands Pond
CTC 050
Season: Fall, Migration

Park and walk around the hummingbird garden jointly developed and maintained by TXDOT and the community of Rockport. In early September tens of thousands of hummingbirds (predominantly Ruby-throated) pass through Rockport, and the community celebrates this event with their annual Rockport Hummer/Bird Celebration (contact the Rockport-Fulton Area Chamber of Commerce for information concerning the festival). At this rest-stop garden you may study hummingbirds, as well as learn about the various native plants that may be cultivated to attract these personable sprites.

A new boardwalk extends into an immense patch of Trumpet Creeper (one of the vines with flowers that attract hummingbirds) to end at a willow grove and wet slough (inspect this area in migration for landbirds). In addition, enjoy the wetland demonstration pond constructed to show the value of wetlands as a natural resource.

Rockport-Fulton Area Chamber of Commerce
404 Broadway
Rockport, Texas 78382
visitor@1rockport. org

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