Bob Hall Pier
GPS Coordinates N 2734.919' W 9713.066'

From the 1950s to present day, Bob Hall Pier has always been revered as one of the best and most productive fishing piers on the entire US Gulf Coast. It's location, water depth, and abundance of fish species can make for an outstanding fishing experience. There have been three Bob Hall Piers all built at the same site but at different times.

In 1961, Hurricane Carla destroyed the first Bob Hall Pier, which was originally built in the 1950's and was named after a Nueces County Commissioner of that era. It was a wooden structure only 600 feet long. In 1962, Nueces County rebuilt the pier, again out of wood, but this time they made it twice as long. At 1,200 feet it was the longest fishing pier on the Texas Coast. Hurricane Beulah blew through the Coastal Bend in 1967 and trimmed the pier to half its original length. The County decided, that was a bit too short, so in 1968 a new wooden section, 127 feet, was added to the damaged pier. Hurricane Allen hit the Texas coast in August of 1980 and completely destroyed the pier. The current Bob Hall Pier was started in 1982,and finished in 1983. It is 1,240 feet long and 15. 5 feet wide, with the T-Head at the end being 165 feet long and a little over 19 feet wide. The pier is lighted for night fishing, and open 24 hours a day.

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