Welders Flats Coastal Preserve in Espiritu Santo Bay
GPS Coordinates N 2820.371' W 9638.696'

Welder Flats is a shallow marshy area that can be good for redfish year-round.

This area is good for wade fishing. Wade fishing can be very rewarding but can also can be dangerous for the inexperienced angler. Watch out for holes, drop-offs, soft bottoms, oyster shells and stingrays.

A history of fishing reports for Welder's Flats. Maybe you can find a seasonal pattern or a bait or technique that has worked in the past.

Feb-14-01 Redfish are good off the reefs of the Intracoastal and Welder's Flats on red/white and firetiger Bass Assassins and Trout Killers.

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