The Gulley on Corpus Christi Bay
Historic Accounts of Life in South Texas
From "A Man From Corpus Christi or The Adventures of Two Bird Hunters and a dog in Texan Bogs" by Dr. A. C. Peirce Published 1894

Driving over rather low land for a mile or more, we came to that part of the bay which is backed by a steep bluff; and taking the road between the foot of the vertical bank and the water, we traveled about a mile further, and entering the "Gulley," camped for the night.

The "Gulley" is a deep cut or ravine in the bluff on the north side of Corpus Christi Bay.

At the time of construction of the S. A. & A. P. R. R. , the company had sunk a well to obtain water for their men and horses. Being near the public road, and furnishing the only fresh water attainable within a radius of several miles, it was a favorite camping place, and was occupied nearly every night by some party of travelers.

The spot was familiar to us, for we had camped there many times before.

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