Historic Accounts of Life in South Texas
From "A Man From Corpus Christi or The Adventures of Two Bird Hunters and a dog in Texan Bogs" by Dr. A. C. Peirce – Published 1894

About noon we reached Texana, and crossing the stream on the bank of which is the town, we came to camp.

Goldsmith's "Sweet Auburn" is Texana. This place contains the ruins of twelve or fifteen houses; some only slightly out of repair—a door or window gone—others ready to fall at any moment, and still others in a state of collapse.

We took a stroll through the forsaken streets, and entered nearly every building. All were unoccupied, and our voices echoed and re-echoed through the rooms with such a hollow, distressing sound, that we unconsciously refrained from talking while within them.

We examined every house, shed and hen-coop; explored every street, alley and door-yard, but not a sign of life could we find about the place.

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