Fennessey Ranch Spring Migration Tour
April 24, 2010

Avian activity has already begun on the Fennessey Ranch. More than 420 species of birds either reside or visit here on the major migration route. The Mission River borders the ranch on three sides. The wooded uplands of pecan and oak trees, as well as freshwater marshes and rookeries make it the highly sought-after primitive areas that beckon the anhinga, ibis, bitterns, sandpipers, rails, vireos, warblers, summer, and scarlet tanagers. Hawks and kites are also included in our spring tallies. Green jays and ringed kingfishers are being sighted on a regular basis. The bald eagle have returned with their dark colored youngster!

Experienced birders and naturalists Nan and Lyndon, with Fennessey scout, "Famous Shoes" Crofutt, guide all trips. Deli-style lunch is included.

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