Offshore Conditions about
40 miles east of Big
Shell on Padre Island

A Travel Adventure Map of Padre & Mustang Islands

24x36, A fanciful look at the history and legend surrounding Padre and Mustang Islands. This map is printed on parchment style paper giving it an "old" look and feel. The map accurately shows the current shoreline, access roads to the islands, beach access points and various recreational areas. It documents the history of the area and includes legends of sunken treasure ships and buried pirate loot. - $3.95 plus $1 shipping

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Big Shell Beach

Digitally Enhanced Natural Color Photo from 2005

GPS Coordinates - N 2659.348' W 9722.816'

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Big Shell and Little Shell Beach on Padre Island are where several Gulf currents meet and deposit shells and other debris on the beach. Little Shell is influenced more by currents from the north which generally deposit smaller shells on the beach. Big shell is influenced by currents from the south which deposit slightly larger shells. Little Shell runs from about the 12 to 18 mile marker and Big Shell runs from the 18 to the 30.

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