Presidio La Bahía

Presidio La Bahía in 1910

The best-preserved Spanish Presidio in the US.

Presidio La Bahía as it appeared in 1910
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This fort was constructed by the Spanish Army as a response to encroachment by the French in the Spanish Province of Texas. Originally founded in 1721 on the ruins of the failed French Fort Saint Louis, the presidio was moved to a location on the Guadalupe River in 1726 and then in 1747, the presidio and its mission were moved to their current location on the San Antonio River. By 1770, the presidio had been rebuilt in stone and had become "the only Spanish fortress for the entire Gulf Coast from the mouth of the Rio Grande to the Mississippi River" By the end of 1821 Texas became part of the newly formed Republic of Mexico.

On October 9, 1835 a group of Texas citizens, led by Capt. George Colllingsworth, entered Goliad and attacked the Mexican garrison stationed at the Presidio and took possession of the fort. Here at the Presidio was formally declared the first Declaration of Texas Independence on December 20, 1835. After the fall of the Alamo, General Sam Houston ordered La Bahía commander James Fannin to abandon La Bahía. However, the La Bahía garrison was captured and imprisoned in the presidio. On March 27 the Texian captives were marched from the presidio and executed, in an event known as the Goliad Massacre.

9:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Adults: $3.00
Seniors: $2.50
Children Under 12: $1.00
Children 5 and under: Free

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