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3911 Highway 35 S . (361)727-0019
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"The place is small, the food is simple, but boy-oh-boy is it ever good."



Crabby Dollars3 Silver dollar size crab cakes made from our own recipe. Served with our house tomato mayo sauce. $7.39
Fried Jalapeno'sBeer Battered sliced Jalapeno's sprinkled with our house spices. $5.99
Calamari RingsLightly battered calamari rings with your choice of tarter or red sauce. $6.49
Fried Green BeansBatter coated fried green beans Served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. $6.49
Buzzard Bones8 Crispy Fried spicy mixed chicken wings & drumettes W/ ranch dipping sauce. $6.59
Fried Portabella Mushroom StripsCrispy battered mushroom strips coated with Blue. Parmesan & Romano cheeses & Ranch dipping sauce. $6.79
It Is OkraFried Okra. time honored favorite of southern cuisine, lightly battered and sprinkled w/ our house seasoning. $5.99

Seafood Platters

Seafood Platters Are Served W/ Your Choice Of Fries Or Tator Tots, Homemade Hush Puppies & Cole Slaw A Tangy Red Or Tarter Sauce, Substitute Fries Or Tots For Grilled Veggies - $1.40
Soft Shell Crab Platter 4 succulent lightly battered soft shells $20.99
Mahi MahiGrilled, blackened or deep fried filet of Mahi Mahi served with sliced tomatoes, fries or tots. $13.39
Oyster PlatterA generous amount of fried Oysters- When Available. $13.99
Frog Leg Platter All you frog leg lovers will be jumping for joy when you try these frog legs. We have made a special light coating so you can enjoy their flavor$14.99
You Hook Em We Cook Em Bring your fresh cleaned fillets up to 1 lb. 11.49 per person. You can have them fried, grilled or blackened. We supply the fixings. Over 1lb. per person $5 each additional lb.
Shrimp Platter Eight large hand battered golden fried shrimp. $14.99
Catfish PlatterOur hand battered Catfish fillets $12.29
Combo PlatterYour choice of 3 of the following Items: 4 Large Shrimp. 3 Catfish fillets. 1 Crabby patty or 8 fried Oysters.$21.49
Crabby Patty PlatterTwo of our delicious homemade crab cakes. Served with our exclusive tomato mayo sauce.$15.99
Scallop PlatterVery flavorful lightly battered. From the upper east coast. These are real scallops.$16.19
Flounder Platter Fried, grilled or blackened flounder fillet $14.99


Steaks come with salad, fries or tots and Texas toast.
Rib Eye Our tender 14 oz. Ribeye grilled the way you like it Lighty seasoned with our house blend of spices then topped with melted butter. $23.99
Ny StripYou'll love this one as well. $17.99


House SaladLettuce, tomato, carrots and your choice of dressings. $2.49
Shempys Chef SaladThis is the real deal salad, lettuce, tomatos. black olives, real turkey & ham. eggs, onions cheese, your choice of dressing and croutons.$11.49
Shrimp SaladGrilled or fried popcorn shrimp over a bed of lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumber, cheese & croutons. You pick a dressing. $11.69
Grilled Cluck Cluck SaladSliced grilled chicken served over lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumber, cheese & croutons. You pick the dressing. $9.99
Rib Eyb Salad Sliced Choice Ribeye cooked how you like it. With lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumber, cheese & croutons with your choice of dressing$12.99

Kids Choice Menu

Ages 10 & Under Please. W/Fries Or Tots
Chicken Strips$5.99
Grilled Cheese$4.99
Small Hamburger$4.99
Popcorn Shrimp$5.39


Club SandwichA big triple decker club with bacon, turkey, ham. lettuce tomato & mayo on white or wheat$7.99
Blt4 big slices of premium bacon W/ lettuce & tomato toasted or not on white or wheat bread. (One of Shempys favorites)$5.49
Ribeye SandwichOur choice ribeye thin sliced and lightly sprinkled with our house spices & topped with grilled onions served on a kaiser roll.$8.79

Shempys Bait Buckets

Comes with Fries or Tots
Oyster Bucket$8.99
Catfish Bucket3 pieces. $8.29
Crabby Patty Bucket Our delicious home made crab cake. $8.99
Popcorn Shrimp Bucket$8.39

Shempys Large Sliders

On Kaiser's Or Texas Toast
Crabby Patty BurgerOur house recipe crab cake served with lettuce and our home made tomato mayo dressing. $7.89
Chili Cheese Slidercheese slider, with grilled onions and our special chili sauce. $7.79
Shempy SliderBurger Dressed or undressed $6.39
Bacon SliderBurger served with freshly cooked Bacon & your choice of cheese. $7.49
Shroom SliderCover your burger with fresh sautted mushrooms dressed or undressed. $7.79
Cheese SliderCheeseburger with your choice of cheese. Dressed or Undressed. $6.89
Super Shempy SliderPig out on this one. Double meat and double cheese slider Dressed or Undressed. $10.49
Tropical SliderBurger with American cheese topped with lettucejomato and our own home made style Thousand Island Dressing. $7.19
Bleu Cheese SliderTate our Shempy Burger add lettuce, tomato and our chunky Bleu cheese dressing and all your Wues will go away. $7.39
Patty Melt SliderPatty cake patty cake make me a melt. Our cheeseburger served with sautied onions, your choice of cheese. $7.39
Pico SliderBurger served with lettuce pepperjack cheese & homemade Pico De GaHo. $7.39
Chicky LickyGrated chicken breast with bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, torrtato and mayo. $7.59

Po' Boys

Catfish 2 pieces w/ lettuce & tomatoes $6.99
Oyster w/lettuce & tomatoes $7.99
Popcorn Shrimpw/lettuce & tomatoes $7.19
Philly Cheese SteakPremium sliced beef. W/onions. bell peppers & cheese. $7.29
Roast Beef Po 'BoyThin sliced roast beef hot or cold, (another Shempy favorite) w/au jus for dipping $6.49


Chili Cheese Fries Or Tots Small $3.99
Large $6.29
Mug $3.49
Bowl W cheese & Onions$5.99


Slap Your Grandmaws Homemade Bread PuddingIts back and only available for Shempy customers. If you ever went to 3 tantes kitchen you know what we're taking about$5.99

Side Orders

French FriesSmall $1.69
Large $2.99
Cole SlawSmall $1.29
Large $2.49
Tater TotsSmall $1.69
Large $2.99
Onion RingsSmall $2.99
Large $4.99
Hush Your Mouth Puppies 3 of our homemade drop hush puppies. Yumm Yumm$2.69
Side Of Grilled Veggies$2.49

* Menu items and prices are subject to change at any time.

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