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Stedman Island in Redfish Bay

Digitally Enhanced Color-Infrared Aerial Photo of Stedman Island from 2004

GPS Coordinates - N 2753.351' W 9706.749'

Kayak Area (click here for map of nearest launch site)
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South of Stedman Island is a very shallow grassy flat that is good for drifting or wading. This area can be good for trout and redfish year-round.

This area is good for wade fishing. Wade fishing can be very rewarding but can also can be dangerous for the inexperienced angler. Watch out for holes, drop-offs, soft bottoms, oyster shells and stingrays.

A history of fishing reports for Steadman's Reef. Maybe you can find a seasonal pattern or a bait or technique that has worked in the past.

Aug-08-07 . Trout are good at Steadmans on piggy perch.
Jun-26-02 . Redfish are fair on cut-mullet and live shrimp at Steadman's Reef.

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