Boca Chica Beach/The USFWS Boca Chica Tract

Map of Texas Coastal Birding Trail - Boca Chica Beach

LTC 043

Season: Winter, Migration
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Check the posts and yuccas for Aplomado Falcons, as well as Merlins and Peregrine Falcons in migration. Harrisís Hawk, Chihuahuan Raven and Tamaulipas Crow (rare) may be seen along this drive as well. Willets, Horned Larks, and Wilsonís Plovers nest in the flats that border the road, and Botteriís Sparrows are found in the sacahuistale, singing during spring and summer from low shrubs and fence wires. During winter and in migration, the telephone poles along TX 4 may support as many as 100 Ospreys.

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