Boot Hill Cemetery

Texas Historical Marker - Boot Hill Cemetery

Texas Historical Marker

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Began with grave of a suicide. Some occupants are: Dick Gosset, killed in Ft. Ewell gunfight, Feb. 1869. E. M. Crain, Confederate veteran; one of 4 cholera victims, 1869. John Smithwick, murdered, 1870. Jim--, assassinated from door of old Rock Store, 1872. Unknown, killed in gun battle while standing in front of old Rock Store, 1873. Unknown, killed unintentionally by Clabe Young, while playing a prank. S. Glenn Greer (12/7/1848-11/9/1874) thrown from a horse. Unknown, a Negro drowned in the Nueces, 1875. Unknown, murderer of James Minter, presumed to have been a Dalton gang member. Lige Harrison, Jr. , killed at age 17 in a hunting accident, 1876. Samuel Wm. McCreery, murdered at his sheep ranch, 1877. Pemanio Palacios and Phelix Wheeler (infant), both died of natural causes.

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