Brahan Lodge #226, A.F. & A.M.

Texas Historical Marker - Brahan Lodge #226, A.F. & A.M.

Texas Historical Marker

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Set to work U. D. June 23, 1858. Chartered June 16, 1859. Named for Dr. Robt. W. Brahan. John Rhodes King, first worshipful master. Members included veterans of Texas War for Independence, Mier Expedition, Mexican War, Indian campaigns. They quarried stone, hauled it to site by ox-cart, completed hall 1871.

In it churches met; children were educated.

Members served in every American war; in Civil War were in Hood's Texas Brigade, Terry's Texas Rangers, Parsons' Texas Cavalry, Cibolo Guards, Mustang Grays -- from Chickamauga to Atlanta to Mansfield to Appomatox. To Brahan Lodge veterans of that war this marker is dedicated:

Robert Adams, Irvin H. Armstrong; Thos. H. Barry, James Edwin Beck, Haywood Brahan, Gen. Robt. W. Brahan, Emery C. Barker, M. A. Broach, Sanford Brown; Stephen T. Cook, R. B. Curry, H. Fournah, T. B. Fowler, Ed Frances; W. F. Gardner; Bennett Henderson, Connally F. Henderson, S. L. Herron, David H. Houston, Ross Houston, Russell Houston, J. Humphries; T. D. James, J. T. Johnson, John Rhodes King, W. A. King, Felix A. Knox, V. R. Knox; R. N. Leigh, Robt. Lenox; Levi Maddox, J. G. Maddox, Emil Morosa, Sam H. Milam, Wm. Morris, J. M. Morrison, R. G. Murray, Chas. A. McAlister, Sam W. McClain, Richard D. McGee, G. M. McKay; J. K. New, D. C. Newton, Jas. Newton, N. M. Newton, Wm. Northcraft; C. R. Patton; T. J. C. Reese; Jas. D. Sanders, Wm. D. Scull, J. A. Sharpless, Robt. Sharpless; J. W. Thompson, Eli Toole, Jas. M. Trainer; L. J. Vivian; J. E. Watkins, R. B. Watkins, John A. Wells, L. S. White, Hugh W. Wiseman, Wm. R. Wiseman; Henry Yelvington. (1965)

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