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El Campo Independent School District

Texas Historical Marker - El Campo Independent School District

Texas Historical Marker

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El Campo's first permanent school building was a simple wooden structure built near this site about 1891. El Campo Independent School District was organized in 1895. Early schools were financed through local taxes, individual subscriptions, tuition, class fees, and bank loans.

In its early history the district leased a Methodist Episcopal church building, restaurant, store, and Swedish school building as temporary classrooms. A brick schoolhouse, erected at this site in 1902, was razed in 1922 and replaced later that year with larger school facilities. By 1952 ten rural schools moved from the 1922 structure to a new facility opened during the fall of 1953. In 1961 the Crescent Independent School District merged with the district to form El Campo Consolidated Independent School District. Integration of schools in El Campo was achieved by 1968.

Since the late 1950s the district has continued to construct new facilities and remodel a number of older facilities. By 1994 El Campo Independent School District's high school, middle school, and three elementary schools served an enrollment of more than 3500 students of varied ethnic and racial backgrounds.

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