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The existence of schools in Hallettsville can be traced to the early 1850s. Alma Male and Female Institute was established in 1852 just east of the town square on land donated by Margaret Hallett. The local Masonic lodge provided space in their building for church and school purposes for many years.

A public school was established in 1877 when the Baptist and Methodist churches joined to operate a graded school in the old Masonic building. A site for a permanent school was acquired in 1885, and the following year a two-story building was erected. Supported by the community and local taxes, the school expanded its programs to serve the needs of its students.

In 1907 an election was held in which the Hallettsville School District was declared independent from the county school system. A two-story red brick school building was erected in 1908 and was in use until it was destroyed by fire in 1919. A new building was completed in 1920, and other facilities have been added over the years. Hallettsville schools were integrated in 1966, and the former Stevens-Mayo School for blacks became a junior high school.

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