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Promotional efforts by William D. McNeill (1860-1925) of North Carolina resulted in construction of the Kingsville Cotton Mill on this site in 1921. Interested citizens supported the project with an investment of $150,000. Production began on Feb. 22, 1922, with McNeill's son-in-law, David H. Jones (1876-1964), as superintendent of the mill. Using locally grown cotton, the plant produced yarn which was shipped to the north and east for manufacturing carpets.

Closed in 1924 because of low profits, the factory was leased and reopened the same year by San Antonio Cotton Mill. The new management made Ford Model-T transmission and brake band linings and later packaging twine. During peak production, the mill processed 264 pounds of cotton an hour and employed 250 workers, greatly contributing to the economy of the town. The San Antonio Cotton Mill ended its operation in 1935.

Paul Danforth (1886-1949) leased the building during World War II (1941-45) to make cotton twine and khaki belts for military uniforms. At the end of the war, the factory was closed and the machinery sold. The King Ranch acquired the property, converted it into what is now the Alice G. K. Kleberg Elementary School in 1947, and presented it to the community as a gift.

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