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A pioneer in settling of southwest Texas. Born in South Carolina; married Mary Jane Mason. Moved in 1840's to Alabama, then to Mississippi. With wife and 6 children came in 1855 by ox-wagon and horse-drawn hack to Texas. After a year in Lockhart, moved (1856) to this area of sparse settlements. To have adequate water for cattle raising, tried living on Ash and San Miguel Creeks. Then settled on the Frio, where in drouths "wells" were sunk in the river bed.

During the Civil War (1861-1865) Hindes and his son George were Confederate scouts. In that time Indians plundered this area, stealing children and horses. On Aug. 1, 1865, warning came of a new Indian raid. Neighbors went to Hindes' home (9 mi. sw) for safety. 6 men took turns guarding 40 horses held in the corral. At daybreak when the Indians attacked, Moses Hindes was shot to death defending his homestead. Buried at first in this Boothill, he was later reburied in Pleasanton Cemetery, Atascosa County. His heirs remain loyal to this area for which Mr. Hindes died. George, the eldest son, founded the town of Hindes, Atascosa County. The Hindes & Beever Store, Pearsall, sold first pearburner ever marketed. Every generation has had men who rode with Texas Rangers.

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