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The post office in Nada was established in 1894 when William J. Engbrock, Jr. was appointed the first postmaster. The post office was located in the general store owned by his father, William Engbrock, Sr. , until 1898.

Subsequent locations of the post office changed several times over the years, depending on the profession of the succeeding postmasters. Twice it was housed in the medical office and pharmacy of Dr. Francis Daehne, appointed in 1898, and Dr. John A. Halamicek, appointed in 1915. The post office returned to the general store during the terms of Joseph H. Labay, named in 1900, and Joseph J. Patter (Potter), appointed in 1903. Adolf Hruzek became postmaster in 1911 and moved the post office to his general store across the street. Appointed in 1921, Antone Lichnovsky moved the office in 1935 to his general store built near the newly constructed State Highway 71. His daughter, appointed in 1946, also served from his store. In 1953 the post office moved to the site of the postmaster's new service station and garage, where it remained for thirty years.

In 1987 a new post office facility was built here on land purchased from the Braden family.

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