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The first burial in this graveyard, that of fourteen-year-old John Uzell, took place in 1857. The land at that time belonged to Isaac H. Cavender, Sr. , who was related to Uzell. Cavender allowed other burials on his property and soon the graveyard became known as the Shiloh Cemetery, taking its name from the surrounding community.

For many years the cemetery was associated with an adjacent schoolhouse that also was used for Baptist church services. The log cabin, built in 1868, served the Baptist Church until the congregation built its own sanctuary in 1898. The Shiloh community also was served until the end of the nineteenth century by a general store that was operated by Robert M. Long. Many of the graves in the Shiloh Cemetery date from the 1800s. Some of the family names appearing on the tombstones include Kennard, Williams, McAda, Cavender, Black, Young, Musgrave, May, Coble, and Johnson. Many of the descendants of these pioneer families still live in the area.

The Shiloh Cemetery, which contains both marked and unmarked grave sites, is cared for by the Shiloh Cemetery Association. (1985)

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