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According to local tradition, Oak Grove School was established as early as 1882 and named for a grove of post oak trees located near the school's original one-room building. The school, which probably offered primary through eighth grade instruction, stood on property owned by August and Ernestine Wenske.

The first recorded documentation concerning the Oak Grove School is included in a deed executed by the Wenskes in 1894 containing information on the sale of land for school purposes. The school building was enlarged in the early 1900s into an L-shaped structure and in 1909 Oak Grove School added another teacher to its faculty. A new three-room schoolhouse was built in 1928 and by 1937 Oak Grove had increased its faculty to three persons. The main road to the school was upgraded by the Public Work Administration (PWA) between the years 1938 and 1942.

The community supported the school by sponsoring numerous fund-raising activities. Although Oak Grove School had advanced its curriculum to the tenth grade by the mid 1940s, it nevertheless closed its doors after the 1959-1960 term following its merger with the Moulton Independent School District.

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