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Founded in 1909 by the Provident Land Company of Kansas City, Missouri, Provident City was the site of an early land promotion venture. Advertising in the midwest using photographs showing exceptional farming results purported to come from this area, the company sold land, site unseen, to many hopeful investors form its holdings of fifteen to twenty thousand acres. Eventually, over five hundred people came to Provident City.

The residents were promised a railroad to connect their town with nearby Glen Flora in Wharton County, but it never progressed beyond the roadbed stage. At its peak, the town boasted some twenty-one business, two churches, a school, a bank, a post office, a Woodmen of the World lodge, and an amateur baseball team.

Residents of the town soon realized that their land was not as favorable to farming as had been represented by the company, and wold not support their families. Within four years of its founding, Provident City was well on its way to becoming a ghost town as disgruntled, bankrupt settlers left the area. The townsite and surrounding acres were bought and turned into a private ranch.

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