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"El Magico Valle de Rio Grande"

The Rio Grande Valley offers a unique cultural mix between the United States and Mexico. In fact, it is a little of both and not completely either one. Many of the locals consider themselves as residents of the Valley and not any specific city or town. Crossing the River to visit one of the border towns such as Nuevo Progreso is a great way to experience the charm of Old Mexico.

The Rio Grande Valley is not actually a valley, but a delta or floodplain of the Rio Grande. Over many hundreds of years, the River's periodic flooding has made the Valley a very fertile area and combined with the warm subtropical climate, it has created an ideal place to grow citrus and vegetables.

This combination of fertile land and warm climate have also created some unique ecosystems which have led to the rapid growth of nature tourism. The Rio Grande Valley is one of the top birding areas in all of North America, and only three states, including the entire state of Texas have more species of butterflies than can be found in the Valley.

The Valley is also a popular getaway for people looking to escape the harsh winters up north. These Snowbirds or "Winter Texans" cause the Valley's population to swell from October to March each year.

So whether you want to play golf in January, get in touch with nature or cross the border for a little cultural exchange, the Valley has much to offer.

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Whats Happening in

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