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Victoria Paddling Trail


Riverside Park

Trail Length: ~4.2 miles
Float Time: 1-3 hours
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The Guadalupe River in the Coastal Region is a slower moving river that is bordered by scenic soft banks rather than the limestone bluffs of the Hill Country. This trail is a quiet reach, with several small riffles (fast flowing, shallow water). The presence of occasional sandbars may provide resting or birdwatching sites. Although there are no man-made obstructions on this reach, there may be snags to avoid at times, especially when water levels are low.

This section of the river supports numerous catfish, bass, and sunfish (perch). Small lures such as jigs, plastic worms, spinner baits and light-line are recommended.

The Guadalupe River corridor supports a diversity of plants and animals. It is a premier birding destination with a variety of migratory species visiting the area. Sightings include bald eagles, osprey, egrets, herons, kingfishers, hawks, sandpipers, phoebes, and turkeys. You will see native cypress, oak, and pecan trees, as well as many non-native tree and plant species. Common wildlife encountered are deer, armadillos, and squirrels.

Put in 28 49' 28.5" N, 97 00' 55.0" W
Take out 28 48' 21.0" N, 97 00' 59.5" W

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