Grande-Grossman House
Texas Historical Marker

This structure was built in 1904 as a residence for the family of Benito Grande (1865-1926). Originally located at 709 Artesian Street (approximately 1 mile southwest), it was moved here in 1982 to preserve it from demolition. Benito Grande moved to Corpus Christi with his parents in the late 1860's. Upon his father's death in 1902, Grande took over the family business and became a prominent and very successful leader in Corpus Christi's Mexican-American community. The Benito Grande family moved to Dallas in 1915. The home was acquired in 1925 for Rebecca Grossman, first matriarch of the Grossman family, who helped her older children emigrate from Russia during the early 1900's. Mrs. Grossman (b. 1870) lived here until her death in 1952.

Descendants in Corpus Christi were outstanding leaders in business, medicine, law, politics, and religious affairs. Originally built with a two story central hall, the house has some bungalow style features. The porch, which encircles the house on three sides, was added by the Grossmans in the late 1920's. Its dominant features are the brick piers and the stick style brackets supporting the eaves. The Grande-Grossman house has been preserved as an expression of part of the heritage of Corpus Christi.

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