Little Shell Beach and Big Shell Beach
Popular with surf fishermen, nature lovers and anyone looking for a secluded beach

Little Shell and Big Shell are sections of the beach on the Padre Island National Seashore. Areas on this part of Padre Island are referenced by their distance from the end of the paved road. Little Shell Beach runs from about the 12 to 18 mile marker and Big Shell Beach runs from the 18 to the 30. Yarborough Pass is located on Little Shell, just before the 15 mile marker.

Little Shell and Big Shell are located where northerly and southerly long shore currents meets. The northerly current deposits little shells on the beach and the southerly current deposits shells a little bigger on the beach immediately south of Little Shell. Shells found at both locations are usually of very common types. Both beaches tend to have very loose sand, which normally makes driving difficult even with four wheel drive.

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