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Flour Bluff is a suburb of Corpus Christi, but it is very much its own community with its own personality. It is on a peninsula that is separated from the rest of town by Corpus Christi Bay, Oso Bay, and the Laguna Madre. The base of the peninsula borders the King Ranch. Across the Laguna Madre from Flour Bluff is Padre Island and the two are connected by the Kennedy Causeway.

Flour Bluff gets its name from an incident that occured here in 1838 where Texas forces seized a load of flour and other contraband from Mexican smugglers during the Pastry War.

Flour Bluff is home to the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station and also contains upscale waterfront homes, rural ranch homes on large tracts of land, blue-collar families, and at times, a large homeless population. Known to locals as simply "The Bluff", residents are an eclectic mix of different income levels and lifestyles.

Some people in Corpus Christi make fun of the area but "Bluffians" are a good-natured crowd and many of them encourage the jokes. They refer to themselves as mullet-wearing trailer trash and "Bluff Rats", call cheap beer "Flour Bluff Stout" and claim that just about any jerry-rigged contraption comes from "The Bluff".

Bluffian wannabe
Bluffian wannabe

Flour Bluff has its own school district which is highly respected in the Corpus Christi area for its academic standards. The schools ROTC team has dominated the Navy Junior ROTC national competition for more than a decade.

The east side of Flour Bluff has 6 miles of shoreline on the Upper Laguna Madre. The Upper Laguna Madre offers some of the best inshore saltwater fishing in North America. Bluffians call this area "The Backyard".

Along this shoreline is a scenic roadway called Laguna Shores Dr. The road is very low and may flood during high tides. As you follow the shoreline, you will pass the Redhead Pond Wildlife Management Area and if you follow the road to its very end, you will come to the Bluff Landing Marina.

On the north end of this shoreline is the Demit Fishing Pier, which is a good place to launch a kayak to reach the popular fishing areas around the Boat Hole.

Flour Bluff is also home to the Funtrackers Amusement Park, the Barney M Davis Power Plant and the Redfish Hatchery, which raises and releases millions of tiny redfish and trout into the bay systems each year.

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