Kleberg County

Including Kingsville, Loyola Beach,
Riviera Beach and more

Kleberg County includes a number of sites that are on the Kingsville Loop of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.

Sites on the Kingsville Loop
Santa Gertrudis Creek
King Ranch
Dick Kleberg Park
Santa Gertrudis Creek Bird Sanctuary
B Bar B Ranch Inn
Drum Point
Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park
Rivera Fishing Pier
Louise Trant Bird Sanctuary
Hawk Alley
Other Birding Sites in Kleberg County
Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park
North and South Bird Islands
Rookeries and Sanctuaries
Diked Island Rookery (Upper Laguna Madre)
Marker 103-117 Spoil (NM 207-221)
(Upper Laguna Madre)

Marker 63-65 Spoil (NM 127-131)
(Upper Laguna Madre)

Marker 69 Spoil (NM 141) (Upper Laguna Madre)
Marker 77A Spoil Island (NM 155)
(Upper Laguna Madre)

Marker 81 Spoil Island (NM 163)
(Upper Laguna Madre)

Marker 85 A Spoil Island (NM 165)
(Upper Laguna Madre)

Marker 91 Spoil Island Rookery (Upper Laguna Madre)
National Audubon Society Bird Sanctuary South Bird Island (Upper Laguna Madre)
South of South Bird Island Rookery (Upper Laguna Madre)

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