A Travel Adventure Map of Padre & Mustang Islands

24x36, A fanciful look at the history and legend surrounding Padre and Mustang Islands. This map is printed on parchment style paper giving it an "old" look and feel. The map accurately shows the current shoreline, access roads to the islands, beach access points and various recreational areas. It documents the history of the area and includes legends of sunken treasure ships and buried pirate loot. - $3.95 plus $1 shipping

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North and South Bird Islands

Texas Coastal Birding Trail - North and South Bird Islands

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These are two of the few natural islands in the Laguna Madre (the rest being spoil islands made from material dredged during the construction of the Intracoastal Waterway). For decades they have been known for the thousands of birds that nest on them during breeding season. For this reason, the park prohibits anyone from landing on them during breeding season. South Bird Island is located about one mile north of Bird Island Basin, and North Bird Island is about three miles north.

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