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Local geographic names show that the Catholic faith arrived here before 1800. This area was in the Diocese of Monterrey until the Diocese of Texas was formed in 1847. In the new Diocese it was in the Brownsville Parish until transferred to San Diego in 1866. Fathers Claude Jaillet (1843-1929) and Peter Bard (1846-1920) of San Diego traveled this area for about 40 years, ministering on the scattered ranches. In 1904-05 the Mission of San Ysidro (Saint Isidore) was built in Falfurrias. The Rt. Rev. Paul Joseph Nussbaum, first Bishop of Corpus Christi Diocese, erected the Parish of Saint Isidore in 1914.

The Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul was built nearby in 1916 for English-speaking communicants. In 1925 the mission was merged with Saint Isidore to form Sacred Heart Church, which is now on Garza Street and renamed Our Lady of Guadalupe. In Brooks County there are also the Church of Saint Anne at Encino and other Catholic facilities and organizations. The school of the Ursuline Sisters prospered for 38 years before closing its doors in 1965. Some mainstays of the church have been Lino Trevino (1857-1935), Charles Premont (1867-1941), J. J. Allan (1871-1943), Mrs. J. T. Maupin (1875-1967), and Mrs. R. E. McBryde (1879-1966).

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