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Sabas Cavazos Cemetery

Texas Historical Marker - Sabas Cavazos Cemetery

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Established in 1878 with the burial of rancher and businessman Sabas Cavazos, this small cemetery has served the Cavazos and related families for more than a century. It is located within the Portrero de Don Sabas Cavazos, a portion of the Espiritu Santo land grant conveyed to Jose Salvador de la Garza by the King of Spain in 1781. Born December 4, 1809, in Camargo, Nuevo Santander, Mexico, Sabas Cavazos was the son of Jose Maria Francisco Cavazos and Estefana Goseascochea, and a great-grandson of Jose Salvador de la Garza. Encompassing more than one-quarter million acres of land, the Espiritu Santo Grant included the future sites of Fort Brown and the City of Brownsville. The de la Garza Family established Rancho Viejo, the first settlement in the Brownsville area.

The communities of San Pedro, El Carmen, La Gloria, and La Puerta were established by Dona Estefana. Although in use since 1878, the cemetery was not officially recorded in deed records until 1947. Among those buried here are members of the extended Cavazos Family, their relatives, and members of the San Pedro Community. The site is maintained by descendants of persons buried here.

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