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Water Street Seafood Co.

Water Street Seafood Co.


"Best of the Best" seafood in Corpus Christi for 14 consecutive years.
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Fresh Gulf Seafood, friendly service and outstanding value have been the hallmarks of the Water Street Seafood Restaurants since 1983. Check out the Oyster Bar and Seafood Company for the freshest fun in town or get your Zen on South Texas style with the new Sushi menu.

309 North Water St . 361-882-8683


Soups and Salads

Seafood GumboA flavorful seafood soup made with a dark roux base and a hint of spice served with white rice.

Caldo XochitlA South Texas favorite, a substantial Mexican soup of chicken, garden vegetables & rice topped with avocado and pico de gallo.

Soup and SaladBowl of gumbo or caldo with a tossed salad or a Water Street wedge. $6.55

Barbeque Salmon SaladGrilled salmon basted with a maple bourbon barbecue sauce on a bed of mixed seasonal greens, corn, black beans and corn tortilla crunch with a honey chipotle vinaigrette dressing. $10.10
Gulf Shrimp SaladBoiled shrimp in a lemon mustard dressing topped with avocado and tomato, served on a bed of mixed greens. $9.44
Chicken Caesar SaladA 6 oz. skinless chicken breast, marinated & grilled, served over a bed of greens tossed with our special Caesar dressing. $8.98
Texas Cobb SaladFresh seasonal greens piled high and topped with char-grilled seasoned chicken, basted with a southwestern barbeque butter, fresh diced tomatoes, apple smoked bacon, chives, diced eggs, Bleu Cheese, in a piquante vinaigrette dressing. $9.44


Shrimp Picayune6 Gulf shrimp, peeled, oven broiled in a spicy Cajun-style sauce, served with freshly baked bread for dunking.$9.80
CalamariDusted in seasoned flour, dipped in beer batter, flash fried and served with a spicy Cajun Remoulade sauce.$8.69
Oysters Rockefeller6 freshly shucked oysters, baked with chopped herbed spinach & crumbled bacon, topped with Monterrey Jack cheese. $7.59
Seafood QuesadillasGrilled flour tortillas stuffed with shrimp, crawfish tails, fire roasted poblano chilies, grilled vegetables and Jalapeņo Jack Cheese. Served with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream & chipotle drizzle.$7.61
Gulf Crab Cakes2 plump, deep fried crab cakes served over a spicy Cajun Remoulade sauce with mango salsa. $9.08
Blue Crab Stuffed Mushrooms6 mushrooms filled with our famous, freshly made Blue Crab stuffing, covered in our homemade sweet and spicy Picayune sauce. $8.69
Caribbean Dynamite Sticks2 flour tortillas stuffed with crawfish, Jalapeņo Jack Cheese, shrimp, chilies, sweet red peppers rolled and deep fried. Served with fresh pico de gallo, guacamole and chipotle drizzle. $5.98
Texas Pecan Crusted OystersA Water Street signature item. Plump, deep fried oysters, battered with a Lone Star flair. Served with our homemade Creole tartar sauce. $9.77
Trinity Reef Coconut Fried Shrimp5 Gulf shrimp crusted with coconut, deep fried and served with a Parrot Bay tropical dipping sauce. $9.04
Water Street Seafood TowerA must order and perfect for sharing! Seafood quesadilla with guacamole, oven baked Oysters Rockefeller and crisp fried calamari with Cajun Remoulade dipping sauce. $14.12


Water Street BurgerA hearty 100% USDA Choice Beef hand formed patty, seasoned hamburger mesquite grilled. Served with apple smoked bacon, melted Cheddar Cheese, all the trimmings & a pile of crisp french fries. $7.59
Shrimp Po' BoyFried shrimp on a sourdough roll with Creole tartar sauce. Served with french fries and a side of cole slaw. $7.92
Southwest Grilled Chicken SandwichA 6 oz. chicken breast mesquite grilled, topped with thick sliced apple smoked bacon, guacamole and pico de gallo. Served with a mound of fries. $8.93

Specialty Entrees

Shrimp Harpoons8 Gulf shrimp harpooned and mesquite grilled with vegetables and fire roasted Andouille sausage served on a mound of Water Street rice. $16.19
Shrimp EnchiladasOur original recipe. Two red corn tortillas filled with shrimp, Monterrey & Hot Pepper Jack Cheese and topped with chipotle drizzle. Served with Water Street rice. $12.13
Mesquite ChickenAn 8 oz. mesquite grilled chicken breast served with our vegetable of the day and Water Street rice. $11.11
Seafood Pasta JambalayaPenne pasta tossed in an Andouille cream sauce with shrimp, chicken, Andouille sausage, crawfish tails, onions, garlic, peppers and Roma tomatoes. $16.09
Crawfish Chicken8 oz. chicken breast stuffed with crawfish tails, shrimp, Monterrey & Hot Pepper Jack Cheese & a trio of peppers & spices, topped with an Andouille cream sauce. Served with Water Street rice. $14.16
Water Street Surf & TurfBacon wrapped mesquite grilled sirloin served with three grilled shrimp, baked potato and our vegetable of the day. $18.22
Blackened Chicken Fettuccini6 oz. skinless chicken breast blackened with our secret blend of spices. Served over a generous portion of spinach fettuccini and garlic cream sauce $11.54

Deep-Fried Entrees

Shrimp & Oysters4 shrimp and 4 Gulf oysters lightly breaded. Served over a bed of french fries with a side of cole slaw and our homemade Creole tartar sauce. $12.79
Gulf Shrimp PlatterGulf shrimp, butterflied and lightly breaded. Served over a bed of french fries with a side of cole slaw and our homemade Creole tartar sauce.
Embrochette Platter8 plump Gulf oysters & shrimp wrapped together with bacon and deep fried without batter. Served over a bed of french fries with a side of cole slaw and our homemade Creole tartar sauce. $16.19
Seafood Sampler5 oz. of Tilapia, 2 fried shrimp, 2 fried oysters and 2 embrochette. Served over a bed of french fries with a side of cole slaw and our homemade Creole tartar sauce. $17.20
Gulf OystersFresh from the Gulf and lightly breaded with seasoned corn flour. Served over a bed of french fries with a side of cole slaw and our homemade Creole tartar sauce.

Raw bar and Sushi

OystersFreshly shucked Gulf oysters on the half shell.
1/2 Dozen$5.38
Shrimp"You-peel-em" shrimp, boiled chilled, priced by the 1/4 lb.
WaterStreet RollShrimp, fire roasted red pepper & cucumber topped with seared blackened tuna avocado, finished with our roasted poblano cream sauce & jalapeno ponzu $15.00
Padre Island RollShrimp, mango, cucumber & fire roasted bell peppers sprinkled with toasted coconut & cilantro $11.00
Dragon RollCalifornia Roll with cream cheese topped with eel & avocado served with sweet eel sauce $12.00
Spicy Shrimp RollShrimp, avocado, yellow bell pepper & sichimi togarashi served with spicy siracha & tobiko $12.00
Ocean RollHamachi, cucumber & spicy tobiko topped with tuna, salmon & avocado $14.00
SoCalRollCalifornia roll topped with spicy tuna mix, green onion & spicy mayo Red Dragon Roll$8.00
Red Dragon RollSpicy tuna mix, cucumber & jalapeno topped with yellow fin tuna & avocado $12.00
Albacore RollAlbacore tuna, cucumber & avocado topped with albacore & green onions $12.00
Caterpillar RollEel & cucumber topped with avocado, eel sauce & spicy tobiko $14.00
Black Tuna RollHouse blackened tuna, fresh yellow bell pepper, avocado & cucumber on poblano cream sauce topped with pico de gallo $10.00
Black Eel RollBlackened tuna, cucumber, & yellow bell pepper topped with eel & avocado served with sweet eel sauce & spicy mayo $14.00
Super Salmon RollPhiladelphia roll topped with fresh salmon & avocado $13.00
Salmon Skin RollCrispy salmon skin, carrot, avocado & cucumber served with spicy mayo & sweet eel sauce $7.00
Jalapeno Crab RollBlue crab, fresh jalapeno & cream cheese topped with fresh cilantro and spicy tobiko $12.00
Mojito RollCucumber, cream cheese, mango & mint wrapped futo maki style finished with toasted coconut and fresh lime zest $6.00
Texas Tuna RollAvocado, cucumber, yellow bell pepper & jalapeno topped with spicy tuna mix & finished with spicy mayo $7.00
Eel RollEel, cucumber & avocado with sweet eel sauce $11.00
Rainbow RollCalifornia roll topped with tuna, hamachi, & avocado $13.00
Philadelphia RollOur in house mesquite smoked salmon, avocado, & cream cheese$7.00
Spicy Tuna RollOur special house recipe spicy tuna mix & cucumber finished with spicy mayo $7.00
Spicy Salmon RollOur spicy salmon mix & cucumber finished with spicy mayo $8.00
California RollCrab, cucumber & avocado finished with sweet eel sauce $7.00
Avocado RollAvocado, cream cheese & avocado $7.00
Veggie RollCucumber, avocado, carrot, yellow bell pepper & cream cheese $6.00
Tuna RollYellow fin tuna and toasted sesame seeds futo maki style $7.00
Cucumber RollCucumber and toasted sesame seeds futo maki style $4.00
Yellow Fin TunaSushi$5.00
Blackened TunaSushi$5.00
Albacore TunaSushi$4.00
Hamachi (Yellow Tail)Sushi$5.00
Unagi (Eel)Sushi$5.00
Ebi (Shrimp)Sushi$5.00
Escolar (Super White Tuna)Sushi$5.00
Spicy Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)Sushi$6.00
Squid SaladTender squid in a spicy teriyaki dressing served on a bed of sesame seaweed $5.00
Seaweed SaladFresh seaweed tossed in a light sesame dressing $4.00
Miso SoupChefs own blend of red & white miso served with tofu, seaweed & green onion $3.00

* Menu items and prices are subject to change at any time.

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