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One of the most influential American political groups of the twentieth century, the League of United Latin American Citizens was founded in Corpus Christi. The formation of LULAC resulted from the merger of three groups: the Order of Sons of America (Corpus Christi); the Knights of America (San Antonio); and the Latin American Citizens League of the Rio Grande Valley. The organizational meeting was held in Obreros Hall, at this site, on Feb. 17, 1929, with 25 delegates and 125 observers. Local businessman Ben Garza was the chairman. At the first general convention in Corpus Christi in May 1929, he was elected president. Andres de Luna was secretary and Louis Wilmot, treasurer.

The LULAC organization has been a pioneer in the development of social and educational programs for Hispanic-Americans. Special projects have included assistance for the elderly and needy, adult basic education classes, prisoner rehabilitation, job training, preschool programs, and sponsorship of housing projects and youth organizations. Now a nationwide organization, LULAC continues to be a leader in the development of programs for the betterment of the Hispanic-American community.

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