Matagorda County

Including Bay City, Palacios,
Matagorda and Sargent

"Beaches, Bays and Birds"

Matagorda County is a paradise for nature lover's. Even though it is only a little over 50 miles outside of Houston, it remains mostly wild and undisturbed with a countywide population of less than 40,000.

With a variety of ecosystems from forests to grasslands to coastal wetlands, Matagorda County provides great opportunities
for outdoor activities.

The Colorado River flows through the middle of the County and empties into the Gulf of Mexico at the town of Matagorda. East Matagorda Bay and West Matagorda Bay are two of the top saltwater fishing areas in the state of Texas and Matagorda Peninsula provides more than 50 miles of undeveloped Gulf beach.

Matagorda County has several major wildlife preserves, and is a nationally known birding hotspot that regularly comes in #1 in the American Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

Bay City is the largest city in Matagorda County and is located on the Colorado River, about 35 miles from the coast. Here you can find the Matagorda County Museum and the
Matagorda County Birding Nature Center. Along the coast are the three towns of Sargent, Matagorda and Palacios which provide access to the Gulf and Bays and are home to many
unique shops and restaurants.

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