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Old Saint Anthony's Catholic Church

Texas Historic Landmark - Old Saint Anthony's Catholic Church

Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1978

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In November 1909, the Rev. J. Goebels called a meeting to organize St. Anthony's parish for the recently settled German Catholic farm families in the community of Land Siding, later known as Violet. Louis Petrus donated five acres for a church site, and five additional acres were purchased. The parishioners began construction of this building in 1910, with John W. Hoelscher (1866-1941), one of the earliest settlers here, as foreman of the project. Originally measuring 26 feet by 40 feet, the frame structure served as a schoolhouse and church.

The congregation enlarged and extensively remodeled the building in 1919. Three towers were added at that time. A bell, purchased earlier from Spohn Sanitarium in Corpus Christi, was installed in one. The rectory, which served as a schoolhouse and living quarters for visiting priests, was attached to the church building in 1920. Members then fenced and landscaped the area. In 1952 the parish built a larger church, and this structure was moved to serve the parish mission of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in nearby Clarkwood community. In 1975, after that congregation erected a new church facility, the old St Anthony's building was relocated 200 feet east of its original site and restored as a museum by the Violet Historical Society.

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