Pop-ups most likely will have to be disabled or set to be allowed for The South Texas Map. Many add on tool bars have pop-up blockers in them as well. There are hyperlinks to information contained in the map, to outside web pages and to the print routine that may be treated by your system as a pop-up. If nothing happens when one of these is clicked on the problem is most likely a pop-up blocker.

Screen Resolution

Your resolution settings will greatly effect the quality of the map displayed. Viewing the maps in less than 1024x768 resolution is not recommended and we strongly suggest using much higher resolution whenever possible.


We recommend using Firefox. Every effort was made to make the map display the same in Firefox & Internet Explorer but there are differences. If you have Firefox already please use it for viewing The South Texas Map. If you don't, download it & try it. It's free, more secure & you might just like it.

The Map, Map Speed & Feedback

The South Texas Map is a GIS (Geographic Information System) application. GIS is a powerful mapping program for displaying database information in map form. GIS applications display maps in an infinite number of ways using colors and layers. The benefits of GIS technology are huge and the calculations performed to display the map are also huge. Because of everything that has to be done to display each map view it will take a few seconds to load. Please be patient when using The South Texas Map. Hundreds of hours were spent (just ask our wives) to make the map draw as fast as possible but because of what it can do it's going to take a few seconds. No, it's not as fast as Google Maps or others, but the others don't have the accuracy nor the information The South Texas Map has. We welcome your comments & suggestions, from which an FAQ will be developed. Please let us know how we can make it better for you & what we can add to it. The map will be continuously updated. We welcome any suggestions you may have. Please email your suggestions or corrections by clicking here

Map Legend

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Map Navigation Buttons

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   Overview Map
Displays the overview location map. The map shows you where you are zoomed to in relation to the entire map area. If you click on the overview map the main map will pan to the area you clicked at it's current zoom level.
   Zoom In
Magnifies an area on the map. To magnify an area, select the zoom-in icon, move the cursor to a corner of the area you want to magnify. Click and hold down the left mouse button and drag a box around the area to be zoomed to. When you are satisfied with the location of the box, release the left mouse button. You may also use this tool to center and zoom to an area of interest by just single-clicking on the map.
   Zoom Out
Displays a larger portion of the map. To zoom-out, select the zoom-out icon, move the cursor over the point of interest, and click once with the left mouse button. You may also use this tool to click and drag a box to zoom-out to an area twice the size of your box.
   Zoom All
Zooms-out to the entire viewing area. Select the Zoom to Full Extent icon to reset the map viewing area.
   Zoom Last
Go back to the previous map view.
Moves the map view in any direction. To pan, select the pan icon, then single click or click and drag on the map with the left mouse button. Release the mouse button to redraw the map at the new position. You may also click one of the 8 pan arrows around the perimeter of the map.
Opens the print menu. Make sure to set the page to landscape before printing.
   Red Icon Details
The Red Icon Details button is used to click on the red icons in the map. The red icons contain more information about a map feature. To view the information contained in a red icon click the Red Icon Details button at the bottom of the map page first and then click on a Red Icon. Information contained in the red icon will be displayed in the frame on the left. The red bird icon indicates a birding site. The red Texas icon indicates a Texas Historical Marker. The red sun with sunglasses indicates a festival. Red star icons are miscellaneous.
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