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Click here for a list of Birding Sites in South Texas
Click here for Maps of the Driving Loops for the Central Texas Coastal Birding Trail


The South Texas Map is an excellent guide for Birders. The Texas Coast and the Rio Grande Valley are two of the hottest birding areas in the US and this free, online, interactive map shows the locations of more than 300 birding sites, sanctuaries and rookeries. All of the sites of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail for the Central Texas Coast (CTC) and the Lower Texas Coast (LTC) are included. In addition, the map shows the location of many sites not included in the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, such as the seven new World Birding Centers in the Rio Grande Valley and numerous rookeries along the Coast.

The Birding Search database includes the name of the Birdwatching Site and County or City that it is located in. For example, you can search by site name and area, such as rookery and Aransas County, to show all the rookeries in Aransas County. Or you can search for just the feature name (rookery would bring up all the rookeries on the coast). Or you can search by area (Rockport would bring up all of the Birdwatching sites in Rockport).

Click here for a legend of the map symbols used. Symbols for fish, birds and other wildlife are used to show the areas where they are often found.

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