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The South Texas Map provides fishermen, boaters, beach goers and other sun worshipers with detailed maps of the Texas Coast from Sargent Beach to the mouth of the Rio Grande.

Use the search boxes above to find more than 1400 points of interest along the Coast. The map shows the locations of beaches, piers, marina's, boat ramps and kayaking areas. It also gives the names of reefs, channels, islands, points, flats, sloughs, cuts, guts, holes, coves, bayous and more. And, it shows channel markers, marine obstructions, shipwrecks, soundings (depths) and bottom types. However, this map is not suitable for marine navigation.

The Coastal Search database includes the name of the feature and the Bay System or Barrier Island that it is most closely associated with. For example, you can search by feature name and area, such as boat ramp and Aransas Bay, to show all the boat ramps on Aransas Bay. Or you can search for just the feature name (boat ramp would bring up all the boat ramps on the coast). Or you can search by area (Aransas Bay would bring up all of the features on Aransas Bay).

Click here for a legend of the map symbols used. Symbols for fish, birds and other wildlife are used to show the areas where they are often found. Sorry, but we are not giving out the location of our secret Honey Hole.

The map database is constantly being updated. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please email us at

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