Manta Ray

Manta Ray
Scientific Name: Manta birostris
Common Name: Manta, Devilfish
Description: Manta Rays are the largest of the rays and are closely related to sharks. They have large triangular pectoral fins and projecting cephalic fins. These forward extensions of the pectoral fins project anteriorly on either side of the head. Each cephalic fin is about twice as long as its base is wide. Mantas have smooth skin, a broad, rectangular terminal mouth located at the front of the head and a spineless tail. The dorsal and ventral coloration is unique to each animal. The most common colors are dark brown, grayish blue, or black on top with pale edges and white underneath. Some individual mantas have pale patches and color patterns on top as well as dark blotches underneath. Manta Rays are primarily filter feeders. They are very acrobatic and are able to leap high from the water.

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