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Beaches, Fishing And More Around Upper Laguna Madre

185 Flats
201 Channel
9 Mile Hole aka The Graveyard
9 Mile Hole North
9 Mile Hole South
Banderia Point
Beacrofts Hole
Behind the Church Wade Fishing Area
Big Ball Hill
Big Cove
Big Hill
Billings Bait Stand
Billings Bait Stand Boat Ramp
Bird Island Basin
Bird Island Basin Boat Ramp
Bird Island Basin Kayak Launch
Boat Hole
Boggy Slough
Clems Boat Ramp
Clems Marina
Corpus Christi Pass
Cos Way Fishing Pier & Bait Shop
Crane Islands
Crash Channels
Dead Man Hole
Dead Mans Hole
Demit Island Pass
Demit Pier Wade Fishing Area
East Flats
Emmords Hole
Humble Channel
Humble Channel
Humble Channel
Janes Hole
JFK Causeway
Kates Hole
Kennedy Causeway
Kennedy Causeway
Kennedy Causeway Kayak Launch
King Ranch Shoreline
Laguna Larga
Laguna Madre
Land & Sea
Little Bar
Little Dagger Hill
Marker 37 Boat Ramp
Marker 37 Marina
Mesquite Rincon
Mesquite Rincon
Middle Ground
Mota Casa
Murdock's Channel
Natural Channel
Natural Gut
New Humble Channel
Newport Pass
Nighthawk Bay
North Bird Island
North Nighthawk Bay
Oalesby Hole
Packery Channel
Packery Channel
Packery Channel Boat Ramp
Packery Channel Jetties
Packery Channel Kayak Launch
Packery Channel Park Kayak Launch
Packery Flats
Packery Hole
Padre Island
Pita Island
Potrero Cortado
Potrero De Las Canelas
Potrero Farias
Potrero Grande
Pure Oil Channel
Red Dot Pier & Bait Shop
Rock Island
Rocky Slough
South Bird Island
The Channel
The Hole
The Meadows
Tim Butler Pier
Tres Marias
Yarborough Flats
Yarborough Pass

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